Tom Guild – President/Chief Engineer

Tom Guild used to be on the radio, back when humans actually played vinyl records and spoke into microphones in real-time. So, it’s been while. During that previous life, Tom was also an occasional voice talent at SoundTrax Recording Studios. Eventually, he joined the SoundTrax staff as an engineer/producer, and has been here ever since.

Over the years, Tom has recorded and mixed hours of top-notch audio. His sound editing & mixing credits include “Lessons From The Journey” (detailing the amazing migration of Monarch butterflies, produced for the NC Museum of Natural History) and “Porsche By Design“, which was part of the exhibit of the same name in late 2013 at the NC Museum of Art.

In 2015, Tom narrated “The Year Of Pluto” for NASA films, about the deep-space New Horizons spacecraft, which visited Pluto in July 2015. This one-hour preview documentary has racked up almost one million YouTube views. Most of the time, however, Tom’s on the other side of the studio glass, coaching, directing, editing and mixing countless projects for SoundTrax’s many clients.

In 2010, Tom became the President and owner of SoundTrax, which as all small business owners know, means a life of champagne wishes and caviar dreams. Except he hates caviar.

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