Tom Guild

President/Chief Engineer

Tom Guild used to be on the radio, back when humans actually played vinyl records and spoke into microphones in real-time. So, it’s been awhile. During that previous life, Tom was also an occasional voice talent at SoundTrax Recording Studios. Eventually, he joined the SoundTrax staff as an engineer/producer, and has been here ever since. Read More.

Becket McGough

Project Manager

Becket’s is the first voice you’ll hear and the first smiling face you’ll see when you call or visit SoundTrax. As Project Manager, Becket is here to plan and schedule your sessions, help you pick the perfect voice talent for your project and make sure the snack basket and coffee selection remain the envy of recording studios worldwide. Read More.

Perry Cheatham

Vice President, Studio Designer, Engineer/Producer

Perry Cheatham wasn’t around when SoundTrax first opened its doors, but he might as well have been. He’s been part of the SoundTrax family for over 35 years, and as Chief Engineer for 27 of those years, Perry’s heart and soul live in every corner of the building. Read More.

Gary Pearce


As a video editor for the first half of his career, Gary Pearce always paid a lot of attention to audio – so much that Perry Cheatham & Tom Guild tapped him to work at SoundTrax in 2002 after he left a full-time video job. Like all the SoundTrax production staff, “audio engineer” doesn’t quite cover it. Read More.

Don Stone (1944-2018)

Founding Partner

A poet and vagabond at heart, Don was a philosopher, musician, painter, sculptor, writer, thespian, proud father and grandfather, patient teacher and mentor, loving husband, a friend to all, and for over 30 years Don’s spirit has been SoundTrax’s spirit as well…Read More.

Cameron Fitzpatrick


Cameron Fitzpatrick creates both words and music. He’s a Summa Cum Laude graduate of the Recording & Production Program at Appalachian State University, and has been shaping dialogue, narration and sound design for years. Cameron has mixed and edited TV audio for networks such as TLC, DIY and PBS. He’s experienced in podcasts, narration, and every type of voiceover imaginable. Read More.