Becket McGough – President/General Manager

maxresdefaultBecket’s history with SoundTrax goes back many years.  Upon moving to Chapel Hill in the aughts she happily discovered SoundTrax and has worked as a voice talent with the studio ever since.  A few years back she was hired by Tom Guild as a Project Manager.  Upon Tom’s retirement in early 2021 she and Cameron bought the place, keeping it in the family (so to speak).

After Becket graduated from the UNC Professional Actor Training Program she spent some time in New York and Boston working primarily in commercials, soap operas and way off Broadway theatre. 

But the siren song of North Carolina was too sweet and she moved back down here to get married and try the non-showbiz life for awhile (owning a restaurant, doing secondary school admissions, working as a personal chef and a stay-at-home mom).  She continued working as a voice actor throughout, though, and has spent the last few years narrating audiobooks.

Becket is so grateful to Tom, Perry and Don for having brought her into the fold and is honored that she has been trusted to take SoundTrax into the future.  

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