Don Stone – Founding Partner (1944-2018)

ST Don Stone GMA poet and vagabond at heart, Don was a philosopher, musician, painter, sculptor, writer, thespian, proud father and grandfather, patient teacher and mentor, loving husband, a friend to all, and for over 30 years Don’s spirit has been SoundTrax’s spirit as well.

Don grew up all over the US, but his teenage years in California were pretty special; Don was surfin’ when surfin’ wasn’t cool. He’s also lived in New York state and Pensacola FL, as well as in Germany while serving in the US Army.

During the 70’s Don worked for the NC Division of The American Cancer Society. In June of 1980 he joined a young recording studio called SoundTrax. His patient approach to everyone he encountered, from clients, to voice talent, to co-workers, to the delivery guys…was a testament to his heart.

Don got a Master’s in Accounting from NC State, and served as SoundTrax General Manager for over 3 decades, alongside Perry Cheatham and many others. He could tell you some stories about what Raleigh and Cary were like back before anyone called it the “Triangle”. Even though Don was a whiz with Quickbooks, he was low-tech at heart. Don ownedone of the last working typewriters in town. And he knew how to fix it, too.

Don and his wife Willie retired in 2011 to spend their time at home. Don enjoyed working with wood and they both loved tending to an ever-changing garden. Afterwards, Don would relax with the latest Jimmy Buffett novel or tend to his amazing knife collection.

Don’s calm temperament and common sense are at the heart of what makes SoundTrax a special place. He was simply one of the nicest guys you could ever hope to meet. Until his untimely passing in March 2018, Don would check in at SoundTrax on a regular basis, just to make sure we’re carrying on his calm, sensible tradition. He really was one of a kind.

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