Our Studio



Our 500 square foot studio features a 3-inch floating concrete floor with 2 inch thick walls and ceilings mounted on isolation systems designed by Mason Industries for the ultimate in soundproofing. Combine this with a no compromise approach to acoustic treatment, and you have one of the best-sounding rooms in the Southeast. Makes a great isolation chamber as well.

Our extensive microphone collection features the best of Neumann, Sennheiser, AKG and others. Our Primary Edit Suite is built to the same exacting acoustic standards as our studio, providing an unparalleled environment in which to edit and mix audio, including 5.1 mix-to-picture.




  • Sweetwater Creation Station (Windows) running ProTools 2019
  • Euphonix Artist Control Surface with Artist Mix extension (12 fader total)
  • Focusrite 8 and 4 channel mic preamps
  • XLogic Alpha VHD mic preamp
  • MOTU 24 channel i/o


  • 2 Urei 828 time-aligned monitors with Custom Subwoofer
  • 5 JBL 4412 monitors (5.1 monitoring)
  • 2 Auratone “real-life” monitors

Power: JBL/Urei, Crown and Hafler

SoundTrax offers Source-Connect, with real-time full-bandwidth access to a worldwide network of other studios via the Internet. It’s the 21st century alternative to the old ISDN network. Bridging via Source-Connect to all ISDN codecs is available as an add-on service. Skype & standard phone patch capability are available as well, with no added charge.

You also can utilize our extensive custom & stock sound effect libraries. And SoundTrax features access to the huge 240,000-title FirstCom Production library…the world’s #1 source for royalty-free production music.

Other outboard gear includes several Lexicon digital reverb units, a Dolby Surround encoder/decoder pair, Sony UVW-1800 Beta SP and DSR-45 DVcam video decks, Otari & MCI 2-track analog decks, DAT capability and more.


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